Mission Statement

Taking. Jesus is the presence that we all seek and can be found in this place.


Jesus as He is. The humble Jesus that we know will not change. Our lives can be the epitome of humbleness if we follow His teachings.


To people as they are. Every human has an area of their lives that they would like to grow or change. If we open our hearts and minds to those possibilities there is no end to what we can become.

Taking Jesus as He is to people as they are

        David Posthuma


                 Made for Mission:



My passion has always been to mobilize as many people as possible into ministry service. To that end, I designed the Human Resource Assessment Program in 2006. now serves over 30,000 ministries and ministry leaders in ten different countries.


If you are not familiar with, you can try it for FREE. It is a phenominal tool to help you identify, position and mobilize the right people within your ministry.

Love In the Name of Christ would like to be open 5 days a week.  They are currently only open Mondays and Thursdays.  In order to expand their hours, they need 20 more phone volunteers.  If you enjoy speaking with people on the phone please consider joining their team of volunteers.  If you are interested or need more information, please phone 782-9766.  They also have a website:


Mission News

Faith Promise Update



So far this year we have paid $250 each toward the salary of our missionaries, the Caudles who minister to military personnel in Alaska and the Mantas supporting international students at the University of Buffalo.  The United Methodist Sunday for Human Relations received $50.  The United Theological College in Zimbabwe received $125 plus $75 in designated giving.  Rev. Moyo’s village program received $20 in designated giving.  Grace So Amazing which is an orphanage and school for deaf children in Haiti received $210, half the support for one child.  Jackson Personal Care Ministry was sent $200 from Faith Promise and an additional $331 in designated giving.  Cow Can offerings from December and January of $167.02 were sent to Heifer International.  Our Blanket the World with Love project raised $357.65 for Church World Service blankets.  Thurlow Reid will make a blanket from the patches displayed on our clotheslines.  This blanket will be donated locally.  We have helped LOVE In the Name of Christ with a bus pass for $27.  In addition, the family fund was able to assist with medical expenses using designated funds.


Faith Promise giving is not part of your church pledge.  In order to continue the mission and outreach programs of Brookside, we need your continued support.


Every United Methodist Church supports The United Methodist Committee on Relief with a special offering at the end of March.  What used to be called the One Great Hour of Sharing is now known as UMCOR Sunday.   Since 1940, UMCOR has provided humanitarian relief when war, conflict or natural disaster disrupted life to the extent that the communities were not able to recover on their own.  This service is available in the United States as well as 80 other countries in the world.  From tornadoes in Oklahoma, hurricanes in the US, children who lost parents to Aids in Zimbabwe or the tsunami in Japan, UMCOR was there.  It is just something we as United Methodists do.  

Here is an interesting example of assistance by UMCOR.  We have all heard about the devastation five years ago from hurricane Sandy in the United States.  Did you know that 170,000 homes were destroyed in Cuba and that 11 people lost their lives?  Cuba has 357 Methodist churches.  Most of these meet in homes, just as the early Christians did.  Working with brigadas, Cuban construction teams, UMCOR issued grants to rebuild 100 homes and 21 churches.  These newly constructed homes will act as community shelters in future disasters and in many cases will be the only structures with the resiliency to withstand the next storm.  


Donations to this special Sunday go to administrative costs of UMCOR so that when a disaster strikes, 100% of any donations toward a disaster will go for relief efforts.   We will send $250 on behalf of Brookside for UMCOR Sunday.

“Live as children of the light-for the fruit of the light is found in all that is good and right and true.” Ephesians 5:8b-9 NRSV  

Information from UMCOR Sunday and the United Methodist Church

Your Mission Committee thanks you for allowing us to spread your light throughout the world.


                                 Blanket the World with Love





..what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love                                                                        kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?  Micah 6:8


The cow can offering on Sunday, February 12, will be our annual Blanket Sunday for Church World Service.  Every $5 we collect will purchase one blanket.  Any amount is appreciated and will combine to support the Blankets + program.  After a disaster a blanket can become a tent, a coat, a bed or a suitcase.  In the United States, blankets have been distributed to homeless shelters, after national disasters and worldwide when needed after a crisis or disaster.  The plus portion provides food, water in an emergency as well as tools to rebuild from a disaster.  Your contribution becomes the gift of hope for the future.

Thurlow Reid has once again provided squares of fleece to represent the number of blankets we are able to purchase.  At the end of the month, she will sew the squares into a blanket to be donated locally.  


In other mission news, the Mission Committee has decided to maintain the same goals for Faith Promise Giving that we had for 2016.  A copy of these goals will be available in the literature rack in the hallway.