Needlework Ministry


Brookside had many interest groups, but nothing for those who like to knit and crochet. When Rev. Dave Johnston was asked about it he thought it was a good idea and asked “Sam” Myers to check into it. She began to put the structure together but could not find any one to teach. Dessie Hartman overheard a conversation about it and said she could and would enjoy doing that. She had lots of experience in doing that type of teaching.

Very soon we were ready to have our first meeting. Dessie announced it in Church and that week eight ladies came. Rev. Dave came to bless the gathering. Each meeting of these ladies begins with a time of praises and concerns.


In the beginning 8-14 ladies attended and we decided we would make hats for the cancer unit at Foote Hospital. It was well received by the patients and very satisfying for our group.

Since then we have grown to serve many groups with anything knitted or crocheted and even a few quilted items. Some of the places served have been many local groups including Townsend School, Community Baby Shower, Allegiance Hospital, Doctors offices and our own shut-ins. Also we sent several items to an Indian tribe in South Dakota and some with Katelyn Parmalee, when she went on a mission trip to Honduras. Another was to Zimbabwe, where our District supports the United Theological College that educates Methodist Ministers for the area. We have made prayer shawls for a treatment center for ministers with problems. (Emotional etc.) Prayer Shawls also went to our minister and his wife. All in all there are more than 15 groups that we have supplied items to.


When Dessie could not teach anymore because of illness, Thurlow Reid stepped up and she does a very nice job sharing her many skills. Dessie still teaches privately with no charge.

When “Sam” could no longer run the meetings, once again Thurlow stepped up with the help of others.


The group also sends cards and notes to those in need of encouragement in our Congregation.


Most of all each piece given is attached with a card of prayer and blessing. The back of the card has information about our Church.


Best of all we have lots of fun and share our skills with each other.

If you are interested we would love to have you join us. We meet most Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M. in the Fireside Room.


Dessie Hartman

“Sam” Myers

Thurlow Reid

Great News!

In 2015 Needle work Ministry was able to provide 138 items for the Community Baby Shower, held by St. Johns UCC. Items included blankets, quilts, hats and booties.

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